Kids Ear Relief homeopathic ear drops

Homeopathic ear drops

Soothing Relief for Children Ages 2 and Over

When your child has the sensation of clogged, full, and troublesome ears, it can be distracting and annoying for them. Give them soothing relief for their symptoms with Similasan's Kids Ear Relief homeopathic ear drops, a solution created just for them.

Kids Ear Relief ear drops help clear water trapped in their ear and the homeopathic ingredients help stimulate their body's natural ability to soothe the ear, decrease the ear's sensitivity to external factors such as water, cold, and drafts, reduce the clogged sensation in the ear, and return their ear to a water-free and comfortable condition.

For over 30 years, our Original Swiss Formulas − always made with 100% Natural Active Ingredients − have been providing families with remedies they can trust.

Gluten & Dairy Free.


Similasan Ear Relief

Active ingredients: Purpose

Chamomilla 10X: sensitivity to drafts, soothing

Mercurius solubilis 15X: fullness, sensitivity to cold

Pulsatilla 12X: night time calmative

Sulphur 12X: itchiness, sensitivity to water


Other information:

Active ingredients are manufactured according to homeopathic principles.


Inactive ingredient:

Vegetable glycerin


Helps relieve the sensation of fullness of the ear, sensitivity to water and drafts, and the annoyance of water-clogged ears by helping clear water trapped in the ear.


  • Do not use in the eyes.
  • Initial exacerbation may occur.

Ask a doctor before use if the child has:

  • ear drainage or discharge
  • pain, irritation, or rash in the ear
  • had ear surgery
  • dizziness

Stop use and ask a doctor if:

  • irritation (too much burning) or pain occurs
  • symptoms persist for more than 48 hours

Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.



For children ages 2 and over:

  • Remove tamper-evident seal from neck of bottle.
  • Twist cap off bottle.
  • Tilt child's head sideways.
  • Squeeze plastic applicator to apply 4 to 5 drops in each affected ear (applicator should not enter ear canal).
  • Keep drops in ear by keeping head tilted or placing cotton in ear.
  • Use up to 4 times daily for no more than 48 hours, or as directed by a doctor.

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